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The owner of building who building plan is approved by the competent authority or building exists prior to 1979 can apply for new water connection. The owner have to produce proof of existence of building prior to 1979 in shape of revenue paper i.e. Certificate from Patwari concerned &Jamabandi. The tenant can also get new water connection after getting NOC from the owner of building in shape of affidavit.

The applicant submit complete file in Suvidha Centre of M.C. Shimla, who will verify the documents & issue diary number of case file. From Suvidha Centre the file will came in Diary of the Department, who after putting number in department diary register forward the case file to Dealing Assistant known as Revenue Asstt.-I & II. The Revenue Assistant forward the file to concerned Meter Readerfor report whether there exists any water connection in the name of applicant in the building or not or is there any dues pending against previously provided water connection in the building. The Meter Reader sent the case file to J.E. Concerned through Supdt.(Rev.) for technical recommendations. The J.E. after technical recommendation or rejection return the file to the Revenue Asstt. through AE concerned &Supdt.(Rev.). The Revenue Asstt. according to the report of the J.E./AE prepare sanction or rejection in the case and further forward the case to the E.E, through Supdt.(Rev.) for signature and further intimation to the applicant. On receipt of 1st approval/demand letter the applicant deposit the requisite connection charges and submit fitting completion report on prescribed filled up by the concerned Licensed Plumber hired by the applicant for execution of work. After receipt of fitting completion the water meter procured by the applicant is got tested in the M.C. water meter testing lab and on receipt of meter testing report from Foreman Meter Workshop through J.E./AE new water billing Account number is issued by the concerned Meter Reader and final sanction letter is prepared by the Revenue Asstt. and issued the applicant after getting the same signed from Executive Engineer WDD.

The following documents is required for sanction of new water connection:-

  1. Prescribed Performa duly filed in by the applicant & further stamped & signed by the License Plumber.
  2. Photocopy of building plan sanction letter & in case the building exists prior to 1979, the proof of existing of building i.e.a certificate from patwari concerned &old Jamabandi.
  3. Revenue paper i.e. Jamabandi& Sale deed.
  4. Latest Tax Clearance certificate from MC. Tax Department.
  5. Site plan duly prepared, stamped & signed by the License Plumber.
In case applicant is tenant NOC from owner of building in shape of affidavit.

The one can get the application form from M.C. Suvidha Centre located at basement floor of M.C. Office building at Old Court Building D.C. Office, Shimla.

After due completion of all codal formalities the new connection application is submitted at M.C. Suvidha Centre.

A person can obtain floor wise water connections in a premise.

Same as in case of Water Connection.

This question pertains to Sewerage Division of SJPNL.


The water connections bigger than ½” dia provided for societies or departments for further distributions to their residents at its own is known as Bulk supply connection.

The society apply for bulk line with an undertaking of making payment of water charges and list of members of the society with their registration and the J.E. concerned of the area access the feasibility/requirement of such society for sanctioning of bulk water connection and after approval from M.C. House the bulk connection is sanctioned.

The rates for getting new water connection is as under:-

  1. Domestic Connection:Rs. 2500/-
  2. Domestic outside M.C. Limit, Commercial, Construction &Others: Rs. 5500/-
Sewerage Connection
  1. Domestic : Rs 1000/- Per Seat.
  2. Commercial: Rs. 3000/- per seat.


Yes. Application for both these facilities has to be submitted separately.


This department have provided all metered connections and as such question of un-metered connections does not arise.

In case of non-functional water meter the water bill is raised on average basis taking into consideration the consumption shown by the water meter in corresponding period.

In such cases water bill is raise on average basis taking into consideration the consumption shown by the water meter in corresponding period.

20 days from the date of issue of water bill.

The Head of Department i.e. Executive Engineer, Water Distribution Division, SJPNL, Shimla.

Presently normal billing cycle is quarterly, but due to acute shortage of staff the water bills is also being raised on half yearly basis.



The SJPNL have established 11 cash collection counters at different locations of Shimla Town.

Since the work of preparation of Water Billing Software is in progress and as such consumer are advised not to make online payment. However, for NEFT/RTGS the detail is as under:-

Presently the mode of payment other than NEFT/RTGS is by cash, by cheque and by DD. However, with finalization of software, it has been proposed to provide online link with SMS facilities, to the consumers for making payment from anywhere.


As stated in reply to Q.No. 54 above.

As state in reply to Q.No.54 above.


By putting a simple application and on deposit of charges fixed by the HP.Govt. the water is made available through tanker.

In case of scarcity of water & low water pressure in piped supply free water supply is made through tanker.

By putting a simple application and on deposit of charges fixed by the HP.Govt. the water is made available through tanker.



The Executive Engineer, Asstt. Engineers & Junior Engineers can be contacted for the same.

The officers stated in reply to Q.No.66 above.


No. it is the personal responsibility of the consumer.

As Stated in reply to Q .No. 66 above.




Following categories of water consumers are with SJPNL:-

  1. Metered Public tap.
  2. Commercial,
  3. Hotel/Dhaba’s/Restaurant etc. stablishments.
  4. Govt. Institutions/ Religious Places/Hospitals/ Dharamshala etc.

No any special exemption is available to such places or institutions. However, during the celebration of any religious functions a free water tanker is being provided.

No. However it is intimated that there is no such notified industrial areas falls under the jurisdiction of M.C. Shimla or peri urban areas and hence no such provision have been made in the prevailing water connection policy.



This department has not enlisted any specific shop/firm for meter and no such permissible meters have been specified as yet.

domestic water meters conforming to IS 779:2004-latest with up to date amendments.

No such meter rent is being charged by the SJPNL.

Yes. The water bills have been started to raise on a volumetric basis therefore, it is necessary to install a water meter in place of a defective meter.

Presently no meter security is being taken, hence the question of refund does not arise. However, it would be pertinent to submit here that in Govt. accommodation case Rs. 1000/- is being charged from the occupants of the accommodation, which is refundable.

Rs. 50/- is meter testing charges



On detection of such unauthorized connection action as per HPMC Act 1994 is initiated against such person.

Pertains to Sewerage Division.

The domestic water connection found used for non-domestic purpose is known as misuse of water.

The action as per Section 174 of HPMC Act 1994 is initiated on misuse of water.


There are different types of connections and accordingly the water bills are being charged as per the rates notified by the HP.Govt. vide notification No. UD_C(17)1/2017-Vol-1 dated 6th Sept. 2019 (Copy enclosed)

As stated in Question No. 40 above.

As stated in Question No.40 above.

Pertains to Sewerage Division.

The rate of surcharge is 10% of water charges.

The actual procedure of processing the file is same as stated in reply to Q.No.3 above. However, it intimated that to use water for construction purpose the applicant have to apply for the same. In case anybody wants to use already existing domestic or commercial connection for construction, he or she have to submit simple application for conversion of connection to construction basis.

As stated in reply to Q.No.40 above.

Presently no such penalty has been imposed in any case.

Pertains to Sewerage Division.


The applicant have submit copy of revenue papers, NOC from previous owner of connection and an affidavit alongwith simple application for mutation of water connection. In case of death of owner of water connection, the death certificate, legal heir certificate and NOC of other legal heirs in shape of affidavit with simple application is required.

In case of domestic connection Rs. 1000/- and in case of commercial or construction connections Rs.4000/- is charged as mutation fee.

Yes, by putting a simple application the consumer can get his or her water connection plugged temporarily.


On receipt of written application and deposit of final water bill the water connection is disconnected.

As per Section 174 of HPMC Act, 1994, water connection is disconnected on misuse of water and non-payment of water charges. In addition to this water connection is also disconnected in case of overflowing of water storage tank of the consumer.

The water supply is restored on receipt of application for the same from the consumer after verifying the cause of disconnection and receipt of restoration charges of Rs.2000/- in case the water is disconnected due to non payment and in case of misuse of water Rs.10000/- is charged as penalty/restoration charges.


Yes, as per section 206 of HPMC Act 1994.

For submitting new water connection case and repair & maintenance work of water lines etc.